How to Tell if You Have a Bohemian Style

So if you've come to this page wondering what the heck is Bohemian Style, you've come to the right place. If you've come to the page know your Bohemian Style but want to double check, you're also at the right place. 

Bohemian Style is sometimes just seen as summery and exotic clothing but there are be a number of different Bohemian Style that may be you.


How to Tell if You Have a Bohemian Style

This post will give you 5 tips on how to tell if your style is truly Bohemian. Let's jump right into it.

1. You Dress like a Hippie

If someone from your family thinks of you has a hippie or flower child, then that's a clear sign that your style is Bohemian. In your mind, you feel relaxed and free spirited in your feathered sandals and simple tank top with bold turquoise jewelry. Nothing wrong with that!

2. You Have More Than One Floppy Hat 

And not just that. You may also have a collection of gladiator sandals a fur or beaded vest, fringe cross body purse, patterned maxi dress and western boots. Then yes, this is another sign.

3. Do You Love to Wear Layers During the Summer 

If you have a favorite fur coat or textured sweater, this one is for you. Some people might find it strange that your wearing clothing that is more suited for fall or winter but you'd wear it anytime of the year. Why? Because your a free spirit and you do you. 

4. Your Home Decor Looks like Morocco 

Well not exactly Morocco. Let's just say, exotic. You may have a beaded curtain in your hallway, lanterns throughout your home and many shapes of different poufs. It's like you've created your own secret, peaceful world and thats what makes you happy to come home. 

5. Collection of Jewelry

Whenever you shop, do you always have to stop in the accessory section to find that new earring set or necklace? It's that final piece that counts, right? So then you buy it and when you get home, you just add it to your overflowing jewelry box of treasures. You have it all! Turquoise rings, pendant necklaces and wrap around bracelets. That's not gonna stop you either. 

So if you said yes to majority of the 5 tips to tell if you style is Bohemian Style. Welcome to the club! You will forever be young with natural beauty and a loving heart. 

I'd love to hear from you. Can you think of another sign that your Boho Chic? 


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