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All About Gemstones: Amethyst

If you've been eyeing an Amethyst pendant necklace for awhile now, your not the only one. There is something about Amethyst that draws us in. There's a kind of seduction and hypnotic appeal. Here is a weird fact. Did you know that Amethyst is suppose to protect you from seduction? Funny right? This post will teach you some amazing facts about the Amethyst.  It's Mystical Past Let's start by talking about the family of Amethyst is part of which is Quartz. For a long time, Amethyst has been embellished on thrones and on the crowns of prince and princesses. How mystical, oh. Also, the Great Moses was known to say that it is the symbol of the Spirit of God.  The History of Its...

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How to Buy Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Online

Finding unique handmade gemstone jewelry doesn't have to be daunting. It should be exciting while selecting the right gemstone source or gemstone custom designer. The internet has numerous sources for handmade gemstone bracelets, pendants, necklaces and more.  My personal favorite is Etsy. If you haven't been there yet, Etsy is very strict about who can sell items. In fact, all items must be created by the designer themselves. This allows for you to select a piece and request a custom design. So if you'd like to select a designer custom create a handmade piece for you Boho Chic Jewelry collection, this post will give you tips to help you get started.  Check Reviews  Make Etsy sellers are very proud and enjoy creating new pieces for their customers. As...

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15 Ways to Wear a String Choker | How to Dress Boho Chic

15 Ways to Wear a String Choker | How to Dress Boho Chic If your sort of clueless about how versatile and fun a simple string choker is, I'd like to inspire you! There are so many styles you can create by just simply wrapping it around you neck, tying a knot or even using it as a head wrap. Here are 15 awesome ways to wear a wrap choker provided by "The Songbird Collection" Wrap it Once      Tie it Loosely      Wrap It Twice      Then Tie it Loosely  Make a Knot  Tie a Bow    Wrap it Three Times and Tie it Loose    Hang It Loose Wrap It Around Four Times Then Tie a Off...

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Styling Tips for All Styles | How to Wear Boho Style

The bohemian trend does not always have to be associated with exotic or summer. It can actually be a timeless outfit. The reason why I love bohemian style is because its the most creative style that expresses you. Boho chic style is flexible and versatile.  In this Youtube video that I found by Net A Porter, model Elisa Sednaoui and fashion editor Kim Hersov, gives tips for 4 different styles. In this post, you'll learn how to wear boho style in Casual, City, Office and Evening Wear. Casual The outfit selected is a floral pattern, fringe poncho. Ponchos are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and can have a dramatic appeal depending on the pattern and detail. Remember, bohemian is anything but boring, so this Poncho...

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The Choker Craze: How to Wear Boho Style

The Choker Craze: How to Wear Boho Style  So you've probably seen many celebrities and even trend setters out there wearing chokers. Chokers are everywhere and its been a big trend for awhile. The best things about chokers is that it can suit many styles. Casual, dressy or office style. The favorite style for this blog is, of course, Boho. Here is a list of some famous celebrities that have been spotted with a Velvet Choker along with there outfit of choice.    1. Gigi Hadid  Here she has a simple DIY type of choker but in baby blue which is contrasting. The blue complements her laid back casual sweater. I love how details of the sweater that keeps her outfit...

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